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Ajusa Hydrogen Technologies has developed several demonstration projects of Hydrogen Technologies. One of them is "The Hydrogen City", in this project it was included the establishment of a Hydrogen Fuelling Station, named Don Qhyxote Hydrogen Station.

Hydrogen is supplied by a dispenser, with two standard fuelling nozzles: for cars and trucks. The filling pressure is 350 bar, and it has a hydrogen stock of up to 90 kilos.

The project called Don Qhyxote Home is a Fuel Cell Main Power System of 10 kW. It provides all the electrical power for a house as well as all the hot water it needs. The system is only a prototype and it is fed with hydrogen, but there is a new project to feed this system with natural gas or LPG by means of a reformer.

The project called Don Qhyxote Car is an electric car, powered by a 4 kW electrical motor, which originally had rechargeable batteries. It had an initial range of 50 km.

The project consisted on removing most of the batteries and replacing them with a PEMFC system.

The main elements of the system are:

  • Hydrogen tank. Containing 1.8 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar, provides a range of 220 km.
  • PEMFC stack with graphite BP type. It has a gross power of 10 kW. It Is cooled by water.
  • Cooling system with a radiator, installed in the front of the car.
  • Control system, with CPU unit and the corresponding software.
The project called Don Qhyxote Scooter is an electric bike, adapted for disabled people with reduced mobility. In this bike the batteries have also been replaced by PEMFC system. In this case, hydrogen is stored in cylinders with metal hydrides. Metal hydrides are able to stock a large amount of hydrogen at low pressure, but they have the handicap of delivering hydrogen very slowly, therefore they are used only in low power systems.

This project was the first Fuel Cell Backup System of 1.2 kW, tested under normal operating conditions, in a Telecommunication Tower of the utility company Iberdrola.

Located at 1600 meters high, with extreme environmental conditions, it has demonstrated a complete reliability during two years of working. The cabinet includes space for six bottles of hydrogen that provides a runtime operation of up to one week to the radio devices within the tower.

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